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Greetings in the name of His Royal Highness, King Jesus.


As we begin another academic year, it is with great joy and appreciation that I write this missive. I want to express my thanks and gratitude for all that is being done to make this year another great success. It has always been my goal and desire that the Academy of Excellence would provide a foundation for life-long learning for all students in a challenging, caring and cooperative environment. Being able to achieve this goal is possible because each of you have supported and gave your time, talent and finances to make this mission possible. With the people of our world changing and the gospel of Christ being ignored, the heart of many have become cold, evil and unconcerned about the welfare of our children. It is important that we raise a generation that will know God and experience the love of Jesus for themselves.


We are training youth for global success!!! The focus is on our students who are first in status and importance for the world today and generations to come. This Tenth year in operation has allowed us to partner with families of diverse cultures and faiths to provide a Christ-centered, affordable, quality education for their children in a safe, nurturing environment. We teach the love of God as revealed in the Apostolic faith, promote the highest academic standards, respect individual learning abilities, and prepare students to become loving, active members of their families and faith communities. As the establishmentarian of our parent body, The Apostolic Faith Churches of Deliverance, International, we covet your continued prayers and support as we continue in the fulfillment of the vision of this ministry.

Dr. Carl Daniel Lykes, Sr.
​Academy of Excellence Principal

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