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Academics at The Academy Of Excellence!

The Academy of Excellence gives students a strong foundation in the liberal arts – the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences – to help AOE students become experts at learning.

“Our students draw vital connections between classroom discoveries and what they experience in the real world.”


You’ll be an active and engaged learner at AOE. Your excellent critical-thinking skills, paired with sound reasoning, writing and communication abilities, will give you the confidence you need to navigate lifes adventures. That’s the spirit of EXCELLENCE!


The AOE Spirit of Excellence


Academy of Excellence is a tightly knit community where students make a name for themselves and exemplify the spirit of success. When you become an AOE student, you’re joining an active campus community that wants you to be successful. With small classes that make it easy to collaborate with students and faculty, the opportunities to shine at AOE are endless.


As an AOE student, you’ll get real opportunities to embrace and apply your passions. You could get involved with student government or even manage AOE yearbook staff. Whatever you’re passionate about, there’s a way to explore and embrace it as an AOE student.

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